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Liancun Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.

Large roof signboard, store front signage, light box  
Industry Classification: Pharmaceutical Technology
Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong
Project content: large-scale luminous characters on the roof, light box signs, door image wall logo, etc.
Brief introduction: we provideed services of signature design, production and installation for Liancun Medicine.
Exquisite craftsmanship: On the basis of the existing electric retractable door opening, the high-instep illuminating sign is made, and the over one hundred wire holes penetrate the wall surface, and the original porcelain piece was not damaged.
Safety first:  safety first! ! 40 meters long, over 200 square meters Billboard steel frame can stand typhoon and shockproof.
Rich experience: more than ten years of experience in installation of aerial work, mud, water, welders, electricians, multi-work coordination, efficient and orderly, to ensure completion time.
Quality material: 2mm thick pure aluminum plate, LED waterproof punching letters, light and stable, reduce the panel by 3mm,  Brand LED chip, long use time!

服务热线: 020-38455655
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